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Mike Peterson, Utah state Representative District 3.

Updated: Mar 18, 2021

Representative Mike Peterson who represents the 3rd district in Utah was elected into his position in the middle of the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic. One of the positions he really stood for was a hands-off approach to government intervening when approaching the pandemic in Utah.

“Laws are already in place and a single representative cannot make the final decision to end mask wearing policy. I have been advocating with the Governor to lift the mask mandate. With our efforts the pandemic will soon end in Utah,” says Rep. Petersen.

Representative Petersen says he is a big believer that when principles are taught, people will take care of themselves.

“I don’t think it’s right for the government to tell people what to do. People are smart and know how to take care of themselves," adds Rep. Petersen.

Many business owners have reached out to Representative Petersen who are frustrated because they are forced to send employees home and companies are struggling to survive.

“There were funds to help businesses operating but those funds have run out yet the government is telling business how to operate,” says Rep. Petersen.

With any bill or passing legislation, a lot of time goes into the process. There has been some challenges due to COVID-19 but with social distancing guidelines and capacity in place, people are not allow to be in the capitol which Rep. Peterson says it's helped everyone focus and prepare.

Rep. Petersen says he has made lead way in voting on many bills since he’s been in his position to reduce taxes for Utahans.

“I promised tax payers they will not name any more burden than they already have and we are making progress. The time I spent during my campaign trying to get signatures for the tax reform, I spoke a lot of the GOP party platform about reducing taxes and making it more simple,” adds Petersen.

Moving forward, Rep. Petersen says he’s working on passing a few items:

  1. an imminent domain bill, making it more difficult for the state to confiscate someone’s property. He hopes to have this move to completion by winter 2020

  2. a bill regarding anti-discrimination to prevent employers from firing employees who voice their political beliefs (by attending rallies, posting on social media, etc.)

This legislative session wrapped up in early March 2020 and will reconvene in the spring/summer.

To read more about Rep. Mike Petersen, check him out at RepMikePetersenDistrict3.Vote

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