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  • Jesyka Dereta

Rep. Steven Lund, Utah House of Representatives, District 58.

Updated: Mar 18, 2021

As someone who has traveled all over the United States, newly elected House of Representatives, Steven Lund says he’s fully enjoying getting into the swing of things in his new position representing the 58th district.

Lund grew up in Manatí, a small town in Utah of only about 2,500 people. He married his high school sweetheart and received a bachelors degree in petroleum engineering. His career took him to many places like West Texas, New Mexico, Wyoming and Utah.

“I’m very much interested in the environment and making sure things coexist and balance with the energy side.”

His career also took him out of the country to South Africa and says the people and culture opened his eyes. He remembers when a high ranking official of the South African government made him realize just how amazing life in America is.

“He told me ‘you grew up in the greatest country in the history of the world’ and said that’s why he was inspired by our constitution to move his country in the right direction,” remembers Lund.

Lund says that was such a compliment and something he remembers often about how lucky we are but says he’s been getting increasingly concerned for our future generations.

“Some of the opportunities that I had, to be a little boy or play outside, I’m not sure are available anymore. Things aren’t as safe and it concerns me how our children are growing up.”

That’s why Lund is using his position as a Representative to create more opportunities for Utah families.

“My generation has failed the younger generation. We didn’t teach them to work hard and enjoy the fruits of their labors.”

Lund says his family values of hard work and appreciating the grind are who made him who he is today.

“I was dating a young lady and everyone was talking about how pretty she was and how had she worked on a dairy farm. Those qualities are hard to find together.”

Lund married that woman and they have two children together. Utah is now home for Rep. Lund and appreciates daily how wonderful people have been to him over his life and expressed his desire to give back to others in his role as a Representative in the Utah house.

To learn more about Rep. Lund, you can check him out at StevenLund.Vote

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