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Ayshia Connors, COMMUNICATIONS ADVISOR, September Group, LLC

After graduating from Arizona State University this Utah girl, who at university had gained an interest in politics, made her way to Washington, D.C., and began putting her triple major of corporate communications, public policy and public service, and global politics to work in the halls of Congress and among the media in the city.

Ayshia crafted legislation and engaged in community outreach for several members of Congress; including Reps. Mia Love, Rob Woodall, and Brian Fitzpatrick as a Senior Policy Advisor. In 2016, Ayshia served as the Director of African-American Engagement and Media for the Republican National Committee (RNC), offering extensive outreach to African-American voters in battleground states; this while assisting several congressional races nationwide, and ultimately serving on the 58th Presidential Inaugural Committee (PIC) as Deputy Director of Strategic Media.

She has appeared on CNN and Inside Edition, featured in Forbes, Roll Call, the Daily Signal, NBC News, Fox News, and Bold. At one time President of the Black Republican Congressional Staff Association on Capitol Hill now serves as advisor to the group.

Ayshia Connors has a resume and name easy to Google and be amazed that someone so young has moved so fast and done so much professionally. That’s why wanted to learn just a bit more about this “triple threat” who appears to have scored a “triple-double” politically and professionally. – What is the book you have at the moment on an office end table or nightstand and you are reading?

Ayshia – “1776”. I’m a major history buff! – It’s folklore with the old saying, “You are what you eat.” So it begs the questions to you of what’s your favorite meal; or type of ethnic fare or just comfort food you head for when there’s time?

Ayshia – Pizza! An all-time favorite. – What’s the last movie you saw and enjoyed whether at a theater, Netflix, HBO, etc?

Ayshia – The last movie I saw was Toy Story 4, but my all-time favorite movie is Pursuit of Happiness with Will Smith. It is incredibly inspiring and embodies the American Dream. – Okay, your favorite animal at the zoo or on the farm and why?

Ayshia – My favorite animal is a zebra. I have been fascinated with them since I was a little kid. –How about your favorite sport?

Ayshia – I played softball growing up, and my favorite sport to watch is basketball. – A favorite vacation or vacation spot and why?

Ayshia – Favorite vacation spot is somewhere I haven’t been yet – Hawaii! – Ever run for student office? Win or lose?

Ayshia – I did and I won. I was a 7th and 8th grade ambassador in junior high. – In the many political campaigns you’ve seen what were the favorite colors and why?

Ayshia – Red, white, and blue. I always love the patriotic theme. – Favorite flavor of ice cream and why?

Ayshia – Cookies and Cream. You can never go wrong! – Your favorite place to visit in your home state and why?

Ayshia – My home state is Utah, and I love visiting Park City. A nice getaway from the Salt Lake Valley and it is always so beautiful no matter the time of year. ( – How do your family and friends react to you being involved in the POLITICAL world?

Ayshia – They are always very supportive and think it is a very interesting and exciting line of work (which it is). – Do you play any type of musical instrument?

Ayshia – I don’t anymore, but I used to play the violin and piano. – Born where. Raised where? Where is HOME?

Ayshia – Born and raised in Salt Lake City, UT! – Your advice for someone thinking of jumping into the political realm of things, or as some say – down the rabbit hole?

Ayshia – JUST DO IT!

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