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Burgess Owens – Republican candidate Utah’s Fourth Congressional District

Burgess Owens – Republican candidate Utah’s Fourth Congressional District Winner of Utah’s June GOP primary with 48,553 votes or 43.5-percent.

From the Everglades and alligators to the Wasatch Range and valleys of the Rockies with elk, antelope, deer and bear Burgess Owens has traveled a long and interesting road and now in July 2020 finds himself the Republican candidate for Utah’s Fourth Congressional District seat going up against the Democrat incumbent who two years ago unseated Congresswoman Mia Love.

Prior to his blooming political resume most might know of Owens the third black American granted a scholarship to play football at the University of Miami. Owens came away from the University of Miami with a BS in biology/chemistry and the Orange Bowl Ring of Honor.

Yet it was his being the 13th player drafted in the first round by the New York Jets that began a career you would think in no way could or would lead to politics. Owens was the Jets Rookie of the year; then named to the NFL’s all Rookie Team. He was traded to the Oakland Raiders and helped lead that team to the 1980 Super Bowl Champions.

It was a 10-year career with the NFL and then a long adventure that would lead him to Utah and right now just one more win to represent the citizens in the heart of Utah. was able recently to spend some time with Burgess after he took a breather from campaigning. – So Burgess are you a hamburger or a cheeseburger kind of guy?

With a laugh – Candidate Owens – Hamburgers. I have to eat it healthy; that’s without the cheese. – When you left the NFL what was it you wanted to be doing?

Candidate Owens – As a kid in the Deep South I watched at a gas station as two men were trying to tear the door off from bathroom my mother was in just because there was a sign saying, “White women only”. Then I watched my father, who’d been in the military, very much the gentleman go over and set things right. What I wanted was the American Dream; to be a part

of the middle class and most of all for my children to grow up and not be told what bathroom you can and cannot use. – So I am guessing we need to talk a bit about the Elephant in the Room. The one we are seeing each time we turn on the television and see BLM and others making feelings known.

Candidate Owens – Don’t let what is happening now speak to you about us, and what we are. There is a darkness out there right now. People should not be discouraged; especially knowing there are those in the left who are behind that dark curtain and who are moving things in the direction they want. They could care less about the black community. – So your message or feeling is many are just being manipulated and if people look, they will see a black middle class is there?

Candidate Owens – The left wants us, the black community, to question ourselves. And the rest of America needs to realize what is on television is not America… it’s the left. They have nothing to do with the black community. They are socialists and every city they gain control of is a wasteland. – What book, or books, is Candidate Owens reading right now or has read and finds to be a book you are often recommending?

Candidate Owens – I read the Book of Mormon every morning. I don’t ever read non-fiction. I like just about anything David Horowitz. When I was in the NFL I read a lot about personal growth. Books like Think and Grow Rich and all the classic self-improvement of that time.

If you want to better yourself you have to study. And of course now I read the things going on around us and the books out there people are recommending. I’ve written some books of my own that I’ve read and do read. (Those books are, Liberalism or How to Turn Good Men Into Whiners, Weenies, and Wimps. Another is, “Why I Stand,” As well as, “It’s All About Team.”)

Right now I’m enjoying, “The Five Thousand Year Leap,”Twenty-eight Ideas That Are Changing The World.” – While you’re reading some of those books do you have a favorite go-to food or sweet you like to enjoy?

Candidate Owens – Well, I’ll admit at about 10 p.m. I have a sweet tooth that hits me, but I learning to control it. – Your business Second Chance 4 Youth is based here in Utah.

Candidate Owens – It is and it’s about kids who are having trouble with their families, the law or in the system to get a second chance. – You grew up in Tallahassee and now you’re in the mountains and deserts of Utah. Where is home?

Candidate Owens – This is home. Utah is home. The values I grew up with to succeed in life – we have them all here. I am a Utahan. My six kids are too. They, we, have chosen to life here and my 14 grandkids will be Utahans!

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