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Calvin Cullen, Clay, AL

It was while doing research on political policy and advocacy groups when Calvin Cullen of Clay, Alabama came across Take Back Our Republic and found both his political philosophy in life and Take Back had many things in common.

“I may be a bit more of a populist in things, but I believe our government should be working for the middle class and poor and that’s why I like Take Back,” said Cullen, who is now one of a nationwide network of Take Back coordinators working with the public and local, state, and federally elected officials to bring integrity and transparency back to elections at all levels.

Born and raised in Clay, Cullen graduated high school in 2017 and began school in the fall at Troy University beginning with a major in sports/hospitality management. “I was there for a year and a half and swapped to political science,” he said. “There was an election coming up and there was so much misinformation coming out, but by switching I had to start over so it was best to come home to community college where I will be graduating this summer and sticking to political science.”

Part of the switch to political science saw Cullen join the ranks of one of America’s political influencers with the beginning of his own podcast “CC’s Words” found every two weeks on YouTube, Apple Podcast, and Google Apps.

“Yes, the name is a play on the words of my name,” he said.” “It’s my words, my thoughts and my opinion I’m getting out there. I focus on low-income policy affecting the American people and I back it up with facts.”

Describing his podcast as having “no agenda”, Cullen indicated the discussion is to better inform the public, which he said as a populist its part of his belief it needs to occur.

“With me you’re going to find no partisan bickering,” Cullen said. When asked what it is he finds agreement on with Take Back, he says, “We both agree on money in politics and that it plays too much of a role. We agree on the foreign money influences. It’s when it comes to fixing the system people can agree on things. Politicians seem to focus more on policy. We need to remind them they work for us.”

When asked what book or books have influenced him in his choosing political science as his studies in college, Cullen said one recommendation he enjoyed was Thomas Frank’s “The People, No – A Brief History of Anti-Populism”. “It’s a very good definition and outline of what populist politics really are and the policies. We’ve not had a populist President yet,” he said.

The other favorite of Cullen is former presidential candidate Andrew Yang’s, “The War On Normal People – The Truth About America’s Disappearing Jobs and Why Universal Basic Income Is Our Future”.

“The issues he raises are relevant,” Cullen explains. “We can’t have people left behind by automation. What I really like about Yang’s book is he has a Pdf at the end providing the back up to what he presents.”

Cullen is looking forward to having his associate degree this summer in political science and then going on to Georgetown University. “With my associate I will do better with the discussion. I want to be able to portray my political opinions,’ he said.

Cullen said the volunteer work and involvement he is getting with Take Back is going to help him with a future in politics but not as a candidate or elected official. “I’m against the idea of running,” he said. “I want to get into political consulting and do the best for the most. As a populist I am going to have a lot of money working against me.”

If you live in Cullen’s area and would like to contact him regarding helping with Take Back email

Or contact Take Back directly at 334-329-7258.

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