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Candidate Larry Meyers for US Senate

Two weeks prior to Senator Orrin Hatch making his announcement or retirement and with that the pundits began touting a former Presidential candidate as one to run for the open seat; there was another Republican who had thrown the proverbial “hat in the ring” even as Senator Hatch was still undecided as to what he was going to do.

Larry Meyers, former Congressional candidate, Washington County attorney from southern Idaho points to President George Washington as being his inspiration to challenge Senator Orrin Hatch. “Taking on Orrin Hatch,” he says. “People thought that was a tough one and why would I do it? George Washington was a great example in the way things should be. He could have established a monarchy, but it was his feeling to give a contribution of some public service and then get out and give someone else a chance with their ideas.” represented by Clark H. Caras as the questioner and writer, was able to spend an hour with Utah’s only announced GOP Senate candidate as of February 6, 2018 – and the one who by living in Winchester Hills just outside of St. George is the candidate who is furthest south as well.

Larry Meyers – “All the talk about if he would or wouldn’t retire – it really didn’t matter to me or figure in to my decision,” he said. “So many people were voicing their feelings about the need for him to retire. My announcing to run before he announced to retire had nothing to do with the job Senator Hatch has done for Utah. It was just time to give people an alternative, a chance for other ideas to be put forward.” – “So now we know Senator Hatch is out and talk is Mitt Romney might be in. Anything in that to give you a thought of changing your mind?”

Larry Meyers – “No. As many people who I hear say, ‘Why waste your time?’ I am hearing the same number or more who are saying it’s time for an alternative to be put forward and to represent Utah in Washington. And besides, I don’t think my campaign manager would like it if I were to quit.” – “Your campaign manager?”

Larry Meyers – “Yes, my campaign manager – my wife Marlee,” he said. “She’s been very supportive in this decision to run for office. She’s very outspoken. So in that, there is some real unity in the arena.” – “You have a proven record for being willing to step up and challenge an incumbent in the party; as shown with your running four years ago against Congressman Chris Stewart.”

Larry Meyers – “Ever since I was young I’ve believed in giving public service,” he said. “My run for Congress against Chris Stewart was with the idea of giving public service. I was not happy with his voting record and knew others felt the same way as I did. It’s my feeling, even for me if elected, you should never feel to secure because there is always another objective to be considered.”

Candidate Meyers was knocked out at the Republican State Convention. Of that, he said, “I did get 22-percent of the delegates,” said Meyers. “It would have been nice to have had a primary and move on to a contest. One-on-One primary, where it’s narrowed to two candidates who have been vetted.” – “Earlier as we visited you indicated a feeling of yours; one where you expressed it’s your belief the One-on-One, or primaries, is a direction races across the nation are going?”

Larry Meyers – “Yes, I do feel things are moving that way,” he said. “I believe President Trump has put the brakes on ‘business as usual,’ Meyers said. “He is bringing things into line that is more constitutional. It’s time to move away from government agencies having power over us.” – “So it sounds as if you are someone who has spent a great deal of time in studying the Constitution?”

Larry Meyers – “I remember, my first books were about the Presidents and government,” he said. “I enjoyed reading about the Founding Fathers and in recent years I began trying to read a book about each of the Founding Fathers. And since college I’ve been active in the party serving as a county and state delegate. Worked as a prescient chair and served on the State Central Committee (GOP).” – “You mention reading as being something that obviously played a major role in Larry Meyers and his growing up. So the question I have for you; what is it you are reading right now?”

Larry Meyers – “Well, it’s a history,” he said. “I will admit I’m fascinated by history. And right now I’m reading a novel about one month in the Civil War – April 1865. It was the month Lee surrendered to Grant. And the month President Lincoln was assassinated. The book is really fascinating.” – “So I have to ask what it is that has brought a southern Idaho boy and young woman from Colorado Springs to the desert and red rock of southern Utah?”

Larry Meyers – “Well, you’re right,” he said. “It is a bit unusual for someone from Jerome/Twin Falls to be here just a stone’s throw from beautiful Snow Canyon State Park. I did the typical thing of going on an LDS mission. I went to Cali, Columbia,” he said. “And then I came back to BYU and studied poli-sci and law, met Marlee – had a great BYU experience and graduated in 1995.” – “And all of that lead to Washington County, Utah?”

Larry Meyers – “I wanted to be a prosecutor and guess where there was a job available for one,” he said. “We have three sons who have all played Dixie High football and we love the golf tournaments; but I do have to also say I love BYU sports. I did church basketball and track but not really much else.” – “And yet now you live in the home of the Senior Games.”

Larry Meyers – “Not quite old enough for that yet, but I suppose when I am I might just do it for the fun and not the medals.” – “And if there is a slot for singing and writing that’s where we’ll find you wife, Marlee?”

Larry Meyers – “She really is a talented singer and was studying vocal performance but then she began writing,” he said. “And in fact she’s published a novel that can be found as an ebook on Kindle. It’s historical fiction and follows Richard the Lionhearted – titled, ‘The Fall of the Black Wolf.’”

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