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Candidate Lisa Luby Ryan, Texas State House District 114

This is one candidate in America who welcomes you to take a look at what some might call “secrets in the closet.” No, actually Lisa Luby Ryan, Republican candidate for Texas State House District 14 during out interview for invited me to Google her name in The 700 Club of the CBN and watch the interview conducted with her, which I did. And I found the segment with Candidate Ryan’s interview; and I found it both revealing, very personal, and more information than I have ever seen a candidate for office willing point to and say, “Take a look at it for yourself.”

That’s exactly what I invite each of you to do because in the interview Candidate Luby does a better job of laying out her past, present and future than I ever could. All you need to do is Google, The 700 Club, Lisa Luby Ryan, “Secret Sins Forgiven.”

Candidate Ryan – “I am a woman of my word,” she said. “I’m the American Dream and I know the Lord himself has called me to do this. We all have a ‘story’ and that one is mine. I hid in guilt and shame for too long. I was saved in 1991 and this campaign, I know it won’t be easy; but neither was the time before I was called.” – “You are challenging the sitting Republican who is in the office now. Many might question why you would pit yourself against a member of your own party?”

Candidate Ryan – “Well, besides knowing I’ve been called to do this – he’s a bully if you don’t agree with him. He votes more with the Democrats than he does with the Republicans. I want to be part of making that House honorable and transparent again.” – “We’re talking on a beautiful day there in Texas and it’s a Sunday afternoon. What was it you were doing before this interview began?”

Candidate Ryan – “I was block walking,” she said. “I’ve been going out every day from 12 or 1 p.m. and knock until dark. I’ve been knocking on thousands and thousands of doors and at this point and I’m not going to stop until March 6 (the primary election date for Texas in 2018).” – “Is this something you really saw yourself doing at this point in your life?”

Candidate Ryan – “No. My business was at a point where Jay and I were going to travel and retire. But the Lord called me to this. We’ve been involved in politics for 20 years in Dallas – having engaged with candidates and elected officials. I’d thought about running eight years ago, but kept running the business (Ryan has an interior design business called Lisa Luby Ryan Design & Build).” – “How and when did you know you wanted to definitely run for this office?

Candidate Ryan – “I was on a radio show in October called ‘America Can We Talk” And after that there was a lot of questions as to, are you in or out,” she said. “ – “It’s my understanding you had a very unique experience in the decision being made?”

Candidate Ryan – “It was the third week of October and we went to a wedding,” she said. “A woman there came and asked my husband where we were from. He told her, and she said; “I’m a Trump voter in the heart of New York and I’m a gun totting one at that.’ Then she put her arms on my shoulders and said, ‘Keep Texas red. They’re coming after you.’

“I couldn’t breathe. I’d asked the Lord to let me know with a cinder block to the head. Not a New Yorker. I seriously had set out to recruit someone to run, but Donald Trump came to town as a candidate and there were three major events and at every one of them I kept hearing, ‘Lisa you are running. Lisa you are running.” – “With a March 6th primary election in Texas you sort of jumped into this a bit later than most. Does that concern you at all?”

Candidate Ryan – “In this journey in my life it was November 2nd that I made the decision to run. And it was November 21, 2016 that I announced and from December 1 to December 31, I sat at my phone and called friends my friends.” – “And I’m to understand those phone calls were a success?”

Candidate Ryan – “I took the 3,000 business cards I had from work and called friends numbers and kept hearing, ‘Of course you have my support.’ And when it was all said and done I’d raised $270,000 – the second largest amount in Texas history for the time frame.” – “So there’s no doubt you are and have been ready for this undertaking, but how about the family?”

Candidate Ryan – “Jay and I have been together for 23 years and he’s held our family rock steady,” she said. “He is an amazingly good man who is an engineer and who has never held me back. When we married my boys were three and five years old and he loves my boys, Kyle and Casey, and they love him.

Kyle and his wife Sarah Joe have been incredibly supportive in all of this. Kyle is the youngest partner in Nationwide and Casey, who is autistic and 29 graduated Abilene Christian University and lines on his own.” – “So you’re just going to keep knocking doors and speaking out as a candidate until March 6th. What’s been the most rewarding about actually campaigning?”

Candidate Ryan – “Well, like today. I could have been sitting down watching and enjoying the Pro-Bowl,” she said. “Instead I was out knocking doors and getting to know people and letting them know how I plan on bringing honesty and transparency to this office.

The other thing honestly, is the fact I’ve been able to give out 3,000 business cards with my personal number on. It’s the same number my husband and children have to use to get in touch with me. I want to have them call me. I want to solve problems for them. I want them to know they can call me anytime.” – “Is there anything in particular you will be putting forward if you are elected?”

Candidate Ryan – “We’ll I voted for President Trump and I believe he’s doing what America wants and needs. And because of things I’ve seen in my own life I plan on being an advocate for women and children.”

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By Clark H. Caras

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