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Candidate Marcus Jessop, Vineyard City Council

Making sure brochures about the candidate are being printed. Loading your car, already looking like a traveling gypsy wagon or at least a campaign office, with boxes of door hangers to be dropped off at volunteers homes. Traveling to Washington, D.C. with Utah 2nd District Congressman Chris Stewart. Helping craft a campaign strategy for a candidate in a Salt Lake County Council race.

Take a breath… slowly exhale.

Sound crazy enough yet? Well, if you’re Marcus Jessop of Vineyard, Utah County, Utah; that’s just his day job. And if it’s a déjà vu moment once or twice once he pulls into the driveway of his home it might be because as he takes off his hat as campaign consultant, he puts on his hat of “candidate” for the Vineyard City Council – a seat including ALL of Utah’s fastest growing community!

Clark H. Caras – “Some might call you a bit crazy for just wanting to work in politics, let alone jumping headfirst into the deep end and becoming the ‘candidate’ yourself… how do you explain it to them?”

Candidate Jessop – “Well, the playbook is the same. And yes, I’ve been involved in campaigns at all levels. I have to admit that yes, it’s humbling when you put your name out there. In no way am I the ‘god’ of politics. My experiences in campaigns have helped me come to a bit of an understanding of what people are wanting. And I hope my campaign can reflect that.”

Clark H. Caras – “You’ve helped or been the campaign manager for men and women along the Wasatch Front. How has doing that influenced what you’re doing here in Vineyard as a candidate?”

Candidate Jessop – “Its exciting to think in this one. In this campaign I’ll be out knocking on doors for the very first time, for myself. So I want to make sure I do it right, because win or lose – my home and family are here already. And it’s my neighbors, literally, my neighbors whom I’m asking to vote for me.”

Clark H. Caras – “How does your wife and family feel about you doing this?”

Candidate Jessop – “My wife Marianne is very supportive, in the beginning maybe even more than me. She told me that she’d take care of our one boy and three girls – one on the way — and let me do it and do it right. This from a person who doesn’t generally like politics. And my neighbors seem to be very supportive. We’re such a new community here in Vineyard. Just 3 ½ years ago there were 650 people.

Now there are 8,000 residents and 130 building permits a month are being issued. When we moved here three years ago you looked around and it was empty all around us.”

Clark H. Caras – “Alright Marcus. Let’s break away from the politics and see if there’s more than campaigns and campaigning to Marcus Jessop, husband to Marianne, four children and one on the way. What is your favorite food?”

Candidate Jessop – “Easy. I’m a hamburger person with a side of sweet potato fries. Although, we do like a trip to Chuck-a-Rama every once in awhile.”

Clark H. Caras – “What is a Marcus Jessop reading right now, besides yours and everyone else’s campaign literature?”

Candidate Jessop – “From a spiritual and religious side I’m reading ‘Rough Stone Rolling.’ And for the very first time, I’m about halfway thru reading ‘1984.’ It’s almost accurate in what the book was predicting. Almost accurate.

And because I make my living and have the background in politics I read a lot of Roger Stone, David Axelrod, and Kellyanne Conway. I guess by nature I’m just fascinated in how people win? That so often here (America) and against all odds, they win.

Locally I read The Deseret News and Salt Lake Tribune. And I gather a lot of what I read nationally by using the Real Clear Politics App.”

Clark H. Caras – “First job, what was yours Marcus and what did it teach you?”

Candidate Jessop – “I was a paperboy at 12-years old, delivering the Salt Lake Tribune. What did it teach me? Well, to be interested in what was going on around me. Maybe that’s where the interest in politics comes from”

Clark H. Caras – “Sounds to me like you’ve never been far removed from front porches.”

Candidate Jessop – Says with a quiet laugh almost underling the comment; “You could say it about me I guess. Ilike seeing things resolved. Never have liked disagreement. Life is a collaborative effort and we should put all of our trust in one man, or one woman.”

Clark H. Caras – “What’s different about you as a candidate that wasn’t there about you the day before you filed to run?”

Candidate Jessop – “For me, I don’t think anything. As a candidate now though, a lot of people treat me like just because I’m a candidate they want me to resolve things. To take care of the chuckhole in front of their house. To make sure we get some retail and commercial in town, that a downtown full of business develops here.”

Clark H. Caras – “With you having four young children. I can almost guess what genre of movie will be ‘dad’s’ favorite movie.”

Candidate Jessop – “With the new theaters in town its great! We take the kids and go on Five-buck Tuesday. The last movie I saw was Disney’s ‘Moana.’ I’ll admit it though. Can’t wait to see the new ‘Spider-Man.’ Yes, I like Sci-fi.”

Clark H. Caras – “You get elected and with a new and growing city you’ll be able to hopefully put into place some things to set Vineyard firmly on its way. Does this man, graduate of West Jordan High and BYU. What would you wish for if you could?”

Candidate Jessop – “If I had all the money in the world, my wish would be to set up a PAC (political action committee). One that could help shape things so all the good ideas come to the top and help relevant things from all sides come together.”

Clark H.Caras – “That seems a good place to say thanks on behalf of Candidates.Vote. for your time and good luck in your race Candidate Jessop.”

Marcus Jessop is employed as Government Affairs Director for the Salt Lake Board of Realtors

By Clark H Caras

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