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Candidate Rozan Mitchell for SL County Clerk – “At the same time technology and things such as vote by mail have made the process easier, the percentage of people actually taking advantage and casting a ballot has gone down. What do you see as the problem there?”

Candidate Mitchell – “We’ve lost the trust and confidence of the people,” she said. “People need to feel better about casting their vote and making it is being counted. So many out there wanted a Republican to step up, so I did with the promise I can be the change we are all looking for.” – “You worked in the office of the Lt. Governor and then Governor Olene Walker in the Leavitt administration. Isn’t it true that the Lt. Governor’s Office oversees the elections for all of the state? So I’m sure in that forward thinking administration you were witness to ideas and implementations that could be implemented in Salt Lake County?”

Candidate Mitchell – “Well, yes. It’s the ‘process’ of the way things are done that guarantees the involvement of the people in voting and all the things found in the County Clerk’s office,” she said. “There is a lack of the technologies available to the office that need to be looked at; and instead, the Salt Lake County Clerk’s office is not making any effort to move forward in things – all things, not just elections. We take care of marriage licenses and passports and all of it could benefit with a different look at technology available, but no one seems to want to do it.” – “Are there some things that make you instinctively qualified for managing the Salt Lake County Clerk’s office?”

Candidate Mitchell – “I’m from Salt Lake County, born and raised,” Mitchell said. “My dad was actually a state Representative; he was elected in 1966. When I started in the office I was actually able to find a sample ballot from his race. I grew up in Holladay in the same home my parents still live. Right now we make our home in West Jordan.” – “You’ve into your campaign fully fledged; which means you see your opponent each and every day. That’s got to be a bit different for anyone in any campaign, so how is it?

Candidate Mitchell – “I enjoy working with Sherie,” she said. “I honestly thought it would be a bit more amiable, but it’s not. I’ve been invited to sit back and not step forward anymore with answers that I’m the one who has given to the media, but I’m not really worried about it because I can just sit back, do my job, and take notes as to what I see needs to be done differently.” — “You mentioned your father was somewhat political having served as a member of the Utah Legislature at one time? With that in mind, what do your parents thing of you jumping in and doing this?”

Candidate Mitchell – “Mom is ‘ok’ with it,” she said. “Dad couldn’t be prouder about me doing this, he says what a lot of Republicans have told me – that the party needs someone to bring some experience to the race and I can do it.” – “More often than not the very first voters you have to convince are those who are your very own family. How is you husband and children reacting to all of this?”

Candidate Mitchell – “My husband is so supportive of me doing this,” she said. “He realizes there is going to be a lot in our personal lives that now falls on him as I campaign and he’s already pledged his willingness to do it. He’s already handing out brochures for me. And I have two adult children who are supporting me in this – and in fact I’ve got a five year old grandson who will say to his dad, ‘Hey dad. Can we turn off football and watch the news?’

He’s even asked me, ‘Grandma, when do you get to do parades.’ And everywhere he goes he’s telling people to vote for ‘Grandma.’ So I guess you could say me and everyone around me is ready to live in that glass house coming along with doing this.” – “In giving people a different view of you other than policy and procedure in all of this; what is your favorite food?”

Candidate Mitchell – “I’m not a picky eater, but my real comfort food is just give me some homemade tomato soup made by my husband and from tomatoes we’ve raised. My husband loves to cook and he’s great at it. We joke in our family the best place to go out to eat is at ‘Café Mitchell.’” – “Do you have a favorite variety of food, or a particular ethnic type?”

Candidate Mitchell – “I love the social aspect of eating out,” she said. “There is nothing better than eating food with friends and family. And personally, I love Mexican, Chinese and Thai.” – “In sharing a bit about yourself, what is the last movie you saw and what type of movies and television do you enjoy sitting down to?

Candidates.Mitchell – “Last show I saw was, ‘The Greatest Showman’, I just thought it was so well done. And before that is was Star Wars,” she said. “With downtime and time to watch television… I love the series, ‘This is Us.” – “What message about your candidacy do you want to say to voters?”

Candidate Mitchell – “I’m ready for this,” she said. “In fact; I’m the perfect person for this because I know my elections. I’ve worked them at a state level and now a county and I can do this. I can be the one to move things forward. It’s time for a change and I’m that change.”

You can find more about Rozan on Facebook at @rozan4clerk

By Clark H. Caras

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