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Erin Morris, Political Strategist’s next personality is a political strategist based presently in Arizona but who grew up in Littleton, Colorado and then at age 20 moved to Washington, D.C., and moved to Arizona to 2018 ultimately graduating with a BA in history and political thought from Concordia University, Irvin.

Ask Erin Morris what exactly is “political thought” and she’ll explain; “Philosophy, ancient Greek, history, Martin Luther, Biblical Greek as a language and the philosophical thinking of all political masterminds throughout history.”

So it’s with those credentials Erin is spending her time in Arizona looking for Biblical speaking Greeks but finds herself involved in the political adventures, but more so in the finding of “special needs” cats and dogs; that is… those with maybe only three legs, that are blind, and other animals at the fully licensed rescue shelter of Fiona’s Family – a specialized shelter in Phoenix for those animals specifically with special needs. – So Erin, you and your mother, Shannon, run the shelter. How exactly did you come up with the name of Fiona’s Family?

Erin Morris – My mom found these two beautiful Mastiff’s one day when she went for a walk in the forest in California. They became Fiona and Francis Lemon and after they passed the shelter became Fiona’s Family. – What is the mission of Fiona’s Family?

Erin Morris – To save all the animals dumped. Yet, honestly. They just come to us or we find them on the street. We don’t turn any animal away, but it always seems like we are getting animals with special needs or circumstances and we literally are the only hospice licensed for special needs. – What’s your goal with the animals? It’s obvious many of them have such serious needs they may never be adopted?

Erin Morris – We want to save them all if we can, but we know we can’t. We want to be here though for the dog that can’t survive unless it’s on oxygen or the blind twins like Scarlet Moon and Wilson James. – I notice they all have first and last names.

Erin Morris – It’s a matter of dignity. First, last and many have a middle. You can find out more about it at, – Erin, so with you political thought and background what do you tell friends and peers about what you are seeing in America and the world right now?

Erin Morris – Oh, what’s happening now is not unique to this time period. The world is stuck trying to change and to become radicalized and become the 60’s all over again. I think it will begin to die off and down.

America is the world leader and our younger generation is politicizing the world. After President Trump they’ll find something else to worry about, like climate change and just start going on about it. – What was it that lead you to want a career in the political field?

Erin Morris – What really got me learning about the Founding Fathers was PBS and the Liberty Kids. It was wild to see these people who created their own country and government and people abided by it. And then to see what happened when the rule of law wasn’t followed. I loved watching that show! – Sounds like you were the perfect student for physics class?

Erin Morris – History is the most exciting thing in the world. The Constitution is not broken! So don’t anyone go trying to fix it. I’m Irish Catholic so I guess I was pre-destined to be political and optimistic and thanks to my mom and being raised by a single mom I’ve been taught everyone needs to serve their country.

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