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Former Democratic Utah State Senator and Salt Lake City Mayoral Candidate Jim Dabakis

Potatoes of any make or model are this guy’s comfort food and if elected Mayor of Salt Lake City former state senator and now mayoral Candidate, Jim Dabakis, can look into making his beloved potato the city’s official vegetable. With six senate terms under this Greek-Americans belt; one of the co-founders of Equality Utah and the Utah Pride Center, both havens for SLC’s and Utah’s LQBTQIA population; and the Dabakis’ long history of having lived back and forth between Salt Lake City and St. Petersburg, Russia, writer, Michael Brownstein, had more than enough material to keep himself busy visiting with SLC mayor candidate Jim Dabakis. — What inspired you to get your start in politics?

Mayoral candidate Dabakis — I had a passion for politics since being seven and eight years old; I was such a news nerd. I would rush home from school to watch the ‘CBS Evening News with Walter Cronkite’. No one would talk to me about the Bay of Pigs! — How do you balance politics and your personal life?

Mayoral candidate Dabakis – I don’t balance it well. Since I entered public life eight years ago, it has been a full time, 24-7 passion. I love my life! — What book are you currently reading, and what’s the best part of it?

Mayoral candidate Dabakis – “The Power Broker”, by Robert Moses and the “Fall of NewYork”, by Robert Caro — the book has me mesmerized on so many levels. I am limiting my reading; I don’t want the book to end. — What would you consider your greatest failure, and on the flipside; greatest success?

Mayoral candidate Dabakis — My greatest failure? The wish I had been more pro-active in helping during the great plague of AIDS. My greatest success? It’s something I am still waiting for! — What was the most valuable lesson your parents taught you?

Mayoral candidate Dabakis – Independence! – What’s your all-time favorite movie?

Mayoral candidate Dabakis — Singing in the Rain. — When you’re feeling down, what comfort food do you go for and why?

Mayoral candidate Dabakis — Potatoes. Chips, funeral, baked, Greek roasted; along with,

mashed, gratin, poutine, cheesy, garlic, buttered potatoes! Who knows why! – What is your very favorite place to visit in Utah?

Mayoral candidate Dabakis — Visit? You mean of course after our great capital city of Salt Lake City of course; I love Cedar City during the Shakespeare Festival. National parks in the day–plays at night. — Hot dogs or hamburgers?

Mayoral candidate Dabakis — Dogs–always dogs. — What newspapers/magazines/periodicals do you read, and do you read them in paper or digitally?

Mayoral candidate Dabakis — In paper, I read the Salt Lake Tribune, Deseret News,City Weekly, New York Times, the Washington Post, the Economist, Sunstone, and the National Review. — What was your first; real job? What did it teach you?

Mayoral candidate Dabakis — My first job was picking blueberries on a farm, during summers ages 14 thru 17. I learned that teeth will turn blue if you eat enough blueberries. Also, the boss gets mad if you eat too many of the products. — Do you have any pets, and if so, what are they?

Mayoral candidate Dabakis — I have 4 cats and 2 dogs. — What music do you enjoy listening to?

Mayoral candidate Dabakis — Show tunes. Hamilton and Dear Evan Hansen at the moment. — What’s your preferred way to spend free time and why?

Mayoral candidate Dabakis — Answering endless questions from obscure websites. Why? It teaches me patience. — Who is your greatest idol/person you look up to and why?

Mayoral candidate Dabakis — Dr. Kristen Ries and Maggie Snyder. For who they are and what they did. — What is something you respect about your political opponents?

Mayoral candidate Jim Dabakis —

Luz Escamilla, I love Luz–her story is the embodiment of America.

Erin Mendenhall is full of energy and does her homework.

David Ibarra is a hard worker and a nice man.

David Garbett is very smart and energetic.

Stan Penfold has so much experience and is a sweetheart.

Richard Goldberger has original ideas to solve problems.

Ranier Huck speaks his mind, despite all odds. — And finally, if you could send a message to anyone reading this,Former Democratic Utah State Senator and Salt Lake City Mayoral Candidate Jim Dabakis what would it be?

Mayoral candidate Dabakis — Vote for me.

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