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Guy Fugal, Mayoral Candidate for Pleasant Grove

Guy Fugal has registered at city hall committing himself to running for the community’s mayor. The election is this November.

​The following is a sit down question and answer interview with Guy and Paula Fugal by Clark H. Caras of

​Caras – Guy can you count on Paula’s vote?

Candidate Fugal – I am sure I can but it is Paula’s vote and you best ask her. I served with the Alpine School District for 19 years and have always been involved in the community. Paula has always been of great support to me but I know there were many meetings when I served with the school district that kept me away from my family at times and I am sure she would have rather had me at home. I expect there will be many meetings as mayor, that if elected, will keep me away from home as well.

​Caras – So Paula are you going to vote for Guy?

​Paula Fugal – I tried to tease him earlier, when he first told me he was thinking of running, that he may not be able to count on my vote because I wanted to be able to spend more time with him. However, I could not hold a straight face and I burst into a big smile. I am so proud of him and I know it is so important to him to give back to Pleasant Grove and use his experience and big heart to help the council make decisions in the best interest of the people who live in this beautiful spot.

​Candidate Fugal – When we got back from our mission in England, and started rebuilding dad’s farm and looked around we realized Pleasant Grove was not the community we once knew nor was it all that it could be. Knowing I had Paula’s support, I knew I had made the right choice to run for mayor.

Caras – What is different about Pleasant Grove that you want to see restored?

Candidate Fugal – There is a divide in our community – and that’s just not Pleasant Grove. For example, there’s been a battle going on in our city for a number of years – over a public safety/court building and fire station.

​Caras – The fight’s been going for a number of years you say. What can you do differently that is going to get the battle lines to collapse and see those public service buildings built?

​Candidate Fugal – I have been in construction and a builder my entire life. Digging ditches, laying pipe, building and connecting communities together with water, gas and communication cable. I manage best by listening to various points of view and I intend to use my experience now to help bridge and connect the various positions held by council to best serve the people of Pleasant Grove. We’ve got public funds in place and along with some private donations we’re going to get things done.

​Caras – You and Paula have been away from Pleasant Grove for a few years as you’ve given service to your faith.

​Candidate Fugal – Paula and I served missions for our Church in England and New Zealand. We had many wonderful experiences but it is good to be back home with family, we missed them.

​Caras – While serving for almost 20 years with the Alpine School District you saw tremendous growth resulting in the district becoming the biggest school district in the state. Do you think the experience there brings some experience to be used in the role of mayor?

​Candidate Fugal – Yes for sure, it just like my businesses gave me many opportunities to experience success by building and supporting coalitions.

​Caras – Leaving the talk about your campaign… what are you doing at home to relax?

​Candidate Fugal – Working around the farm and some traveling. Paula and I are headed over to England to go back and visit some friends as well as go to the LDS church pageant at the temple grounds in Preston. We read together allot to relax as well. Right now we are listening together to the audio book – Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less by Greg McKeown and sharing the experience.

​Caras – You two obviously are a partnership to be dealt with. I have to ask you… what are your favorite meals to share?

Candidate Fugal – Well, obviously the best meals I’ve ever had have always been the ones Paula fixes and cooks. But we both love Chinese and Italian foods. And lately we are enjoying lots and lots of greens.

​Caras – Lots and lots of greens?

​Candidate Fugal – We have been spending a lot of time with our two daughters and their families at my dad’s farm. In fact, we’ve named it “Snuck Farm” after the nickname he was given.

​Paula – Guy is the official tractor driver. Anything to do with the tractor and digging holes, that’s dad’s responsibility.

​Caras – By the way, some might think you two are so close you are high school sweethearts. Where did you meet?

​Candidate Fugal – We met at Snow College. Paula walked into the Freshman mixer on the arm of a graduate who was headed to Utah State. I turned to my buddy and told him that she was soon going to be on my arm.

Caras – And I guess that prediction came true.

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By Clark Caras

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