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Jason Christensen, Independent American, Candidate for Utah’s 3rd Congressional District

Hillary Koellner- “Jason, can you share with us why you decided to get involved with politics?”

Jason Christensen- “It all started during the presidential elections of 2008 where I really started getting informed and reading books and decided to start saving the words of the constitution. Scott Bradley was a great mentor in the presidential elections of 2016.”

Hillary Koellner- “And although you gained your main interest in politics in ‘08, when was the first time you actually got involved politically yourself and why?”

Jason Christensen- “The first time I ran was in 2013 against mayor John Curtis who was going for re-election. It’s been made completely clear that before that election and even now, that guy is the worst choice in the race for congress. He’s worse than any democrat choices, in fact when it comes to politics and candidates there’s the well-known phrase that says, “watch what they do not what they say.” The constitution has pretty much been suspended in the city of Provo.”

Hillary Koellner- “How would you say that you make decisions?”

Jason Christensen- “There’s using the facts, using logic and thinking things through, but first and foremost it’s through God. I think about different things and let him dictate my actions.”

Hillary Koellner- “So would you say that believing in God, you would base your political decisions shaped on your major religious belief?”

Jason Christensen- “Absolutely, regarding my decisions politically, family or any decision. God is in control of everything on this earth and it would be hypocritical to say I wouldn’t go through him first.”

Hillary Koellner- “What would you say are some magazines or newspapers that you read and how do they affect your view of the world?”

Jason Christensen- “What affects my view of the world is to study scriptures and the words of the founders of this nation. This world has gone way of tilt, it’s time to teach and guide people back to the proper principles that make this country great. Those founding principles that make this nation great. Let’s be honest, most resources I can’t trust. I may read them but i read them with a mass of grain of salt. Most news sources aren’t’ really trustworthy anymore. I just look at everything in general, i will say that the Deseret News and KSL News in recent years have been much much better. To the point where I tend to believe more things. The Salt Lake Tribune may also have some trust worthy piece from time to time.”

Hillary Koellner- “Can you share a time that you have failed at something in your life and what it taught you?”

Jason Christensen- “I can’t think of any one time. Being a self-made and self-employed man, I’m always learning, I’m always growing, I’m always failing and I’m always succeeding. We all have the ability to try new things and have the ability to brush off the dust and get back on the horse and try again.”

Hillary Koellner- “Even though you are self-employed now, could you share what was your first job and what lessons it may have taught you at young age?”

Jason Christensen- “Let me first say, I’ve been self-employed since i was 10 in different things. Very independent in that aspect, if there’s a problem I get it done. If there’s ideas to chase after, I chase after them.”

Hillary Koellner- “Now, as a very big patriot, you know that there is no way that we could have a monarchy in the U.S., but let’s say you were king for a day, what are three things you would change in the country?”

Jason Christensen- “First I would denounce the king status and repeal anything that’s unconstitutional. I’d let people live in freedom, it’s not my place to tell someone how to live their life. The scriptures say, to want a king is an abomination in the eyes of the lord. We should be seeking God, not seeking men to tell us how to live.”

Hillary Koellner- “Thank you for sharing that. Now, polls show most voters don’t think government works. What would you do to fix the underlying structures and systems that seem to be broken?”

Jason Christensen- “First of all, I don’t buy into polling data, but there is a huge disconnect between voters and politicians, because the politicians care about what the special interest say, what the political party says. I would simply reach across the aisle on matters of constitutional solution, because there are areas that I would agree with the democrats like privacy. Things I agree with republicans, such as welfare state, so I can bring constitutional solutions. I would do a lot more town halls and communication with people in the district. A radical solution I want to propose is to reach out the most liberal and conservative members of congress to transform congress into a virtual congress, and people can represent online rather than going to Washington DC, from their homes, so that way if a constituent actually needs them, they can get off the phone and knock on the door, just like the way it used to be.”

Hillary Koellner- “That is a very interesting proposal, but lastly Jason, what would be one thing you want people to know about you?”

Jason Christensen- “I’d say that or me, the point is not about the campaign, not to run for the office, my point is to pull attention to the independent American party so as the people, we can elect differently. If I’m elected I’ll serve honorably, but I don’t really care, I care about getting people honest solutions, spreading the cost of liberty to the hearts and minds of all people.”

By Hillary Koellner

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