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Kathleen Anderson, Candidate for Utah District 4

This GOP candidate has journeyed as a child from a small farm in Virginia, not far from Washington, D.C., to the hills above Great Salt Lake. Candidate Kathleen Anderson shares a deeply-felt faith in America, Utah, and the people of the Fourth Congressional District that inspired her to do something she could not ignore – becoming a candidate for office.

Her motto is that leaders should not be afraid to stand up for what is right. Kathleen is a conservative for Congress who has a proven record of doing the hardest job in the world – balancing work and family; and doing it with a blended family of eight children.

Clark H. Caras, of, was recently able to spend some time with GOP Congressional candidate Kathleen Anderson. — So are you a cheeseburger or hamburger type of person?

Candidate Anderson — I honestly can’t remember eating a burger in my life without cheese. So I guess that makes me “cheesy.” — Pickles or no pickles?

Candidate Anderson — No pickles. Nothing sour, I’m something of a sweets or sugar attic. So I guess I’d eat bread and butter pickles because they’re sweet. — What book or books are you read or have you read that you’d recommend; to that you just enjoyed?

Candidate Anderson — well, I just finished “Lonesome Dove” and quite enjoyed it. I recently read “Undaunted Courage” by Stephen Ambrose. The story of Lewis and Clark and all that was involved in that expedition. And I tackled C.S. Lewis and his”Mere Christianity in which he discusses how we “mirrors” of Christianity. I’ve read “Killing Patton” by Bill O’Reilly and I really liked it. And I read The New Testament. Guess I read a lot more than I think. — Much of your life is faith based. Do you think other candidates might do well to read The New Testament?

Candidate Andersen — What reading it does is to make your own trials feel bearable. — So your husband Rob just finished a year as GOP Party Chairman for Utah. Aren’t you a bit tired of things?

Candidate Anderson— well, it’s never been on my bucket list if that’s what you mean. Some people have a lifelong ambition to run. Not me, absolutely not me. And then I hit high school and we began studying history, CIVICS, US government. I couldn’t get enough of it! And that’s how I feel now. I’ve been active in PTA, in party politics and my oldest is a senior. I realize I have the time to contribute and really do this.

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