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Katrina Nickle, Chief of Staff, September Group, LLC

Clark H. Caras – Knowing you’re busy with a couple of young children at home thank you Katrina for the time you’ve given us. We’ll just get right to it, when you do have time to read what is it we might find you enjoying in any downtime you might have?

Katrina Nickle – Currently I’m reading “The Gift of Failure’, by Jessica Lahey. I’m just hoping not to screw my kids up too much and let them know its ok (even necessary) to fail. – What do you consider your first “real job”? And why it in particular?

Katrina Nickle – It was at Haggerman’s Bakery when I was 16 years old. I had plenty of little jobs before that one, but this was the first where I clocked-in and out and received an official paycheck. Dang, that bread was good… (I ate a few too many treats as well J). – Describe a failure you had in a job effort, or even in the political side of things where you’ve experienced a failure you’ve actually learned something from?

Katrina Nickle – One failure that comes to mind is when we had to close our doors on a pizza joint we opened. We had a lot working against us from employees embezzling money to a bustling successful food-truck that opened a block down the street just months after we opened.

Our ultimate demise was when our landlord sold and they tore down the building we had worked so hard remodeling (with our own hands). Although it didn’t work out, in the end I learned a lot in two years; like memorizing Home Depot’s store layout while doing the construction, the ins and outs of operating a small business and to be less naïve because people aren’t always as honest as you’d assume. But really, call me if you need help getting around Home Depot – (She says chuckling…). – An ages old saying, “You are what you eat.” Begs the question – what’s your favorite meal, or type of ethnic fare or a comfort food you go for when there is time and its needed? And, is it usually home cooked and if it is – do you do the cooking?

Katrina Nickle – I love to cook healthy meals for my family and cook most nights, but lately our weekend ritual is Five Guys and Crumble. I love a good burger and cookie. – The last movie you saw and enjoyed whether at a theater, Netflix, HBO, etc. All-time favorite movie and why?

Katrina Nickle – I think the best movie I’ve seen has to be “The Greatest Showman”. I love the music and the message. – Do you subscribe to a newspaper or news magazine? And if you do, is it printed on paper or in digital form? What magazines and other periodicals do you enjoy reading?

Katrina Nickle – No, but I think I will enjoy doing that in some season of life when I don’t have babies and small children. – Do you have a favorite animal in the zoo or on the farm – one your children get a kick out of?

Katrina Nickle – Otters. They are so cute to watch swim. – Do you have a favorite sport? And if it is your favorite is it because you participated in it and still do?

Katrina Nickle – Basketball is probably my favorite to watch and heck no I never played. – Are you a hamburger or cheeseburger kind of person – pickles or no pickles and why to both?

Katrina Nickle – Cheeseburger and pickles please! Because cheese and pickles make everything better and I love a lot of flavor! – Ever run for student office? Did you win or lose?

Katrina Kimble – Yes! I was in student government my freshman year. Just call me “Miss Secretary”. – In the many political campaigns you’ve seen since coming to be a part of September Group, LLC, in 2009, you’ve seen a lot of campaign colors. What would you say have been the favorite?

Katrina Nickle – First that comes to mind is Jonathan Johnson’s green when he ran for Governor. I loved his signage! – Do you have a hobby? How’d you get into it?

Katrina Nickle – I love working out. I’ve always been active since I danced from age three. I’ve loved running as well and find it therapeutic. Right now I love weights and yoga – it’s my little bit of “me” time every day and both are therapeutic and good for my soul. – How do your friends and family react to you being involved in the POLITICAL world?

Katrina Nickle – They think it’s great! The older I get the more my friends are becoming politically involved because they see how things directly affect them and matter. We all can make a difference being involved, even small ways. – What advice do you have for someone thinking of jumping into the political realm of things?

Katrina Nickle – Make sure you are tough because people can be brutal. Remember who you are, know your worth and don’t worry what others think of you as long as you like who you are and feel good about your decisions. And stay humble. – You and your husband have children. What is your favorite children’s book to read to them and why?

Katrina Nickle – My favorite children’s book to read to my kids is “You Are Special”, by Max Lucado. I love the lesson it teaches of not letting others opinions determine your worth. If you have read it, it’s a great one! – After having been up close and personal to the process of elections from president to dog catcher, do you think you might ever consider running for office?

Katrina Nickle – I guess you can never say never, but probably not. I like being behind the scenes helping make things happen.

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