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Registered Republicans who voted in at least 2 of the last 4 primary elections.

MoE +/-3.21%


Candidates.VOTE has conducted a survey of likely Republican Congressional Primary voters in Utah. The survey used IVR technology to gather responses from a random sample of registered voters who stated that they were very likely or somewhat likely to vote in the Republican Congressional Primary election in 2017. The random sample of voters was used to generate results that mirrored the gender, age and geographic demographics among registered Republican voters in Utah who have voted in at least two of the last four Republican Primary Elections.Post-survey stratification required minimal weighting. Gender, age and geography were weighted based on voter registration percentages among Republican voters in previous Republican Primaries.

No partial surveys were accepted into the sample. Respondents were contacted by landline telephone and responded to an automated survey on July 11th, 2017. The survey has a sample size of 908 likely Republican Primary voters in Utah. The margin of error is +3.21% with a 95% confidence interval.

  1. The republican 3rd Congressional District special Primary Election to replace Congressman Jason Chaffetz will be held in what month? Press 1 for August. Press 2 for September. Press 3 for October. Press 4 if you are unsure. 1. August35%2. September9%3. October5%4. Unsure51%

  2. Do you have a favorable or unfavorable opinion of Senator Ted Cruz? Press 1 for very favorable. Press 2 for somewhat favorable. Press 3 for somewhat unfavorable. Press 4 for very unfavorable. Press 5 if you are unsure. 1. Very Favorable25%2. Somewhat Favorable30%3. Somewhat Unfavorable15%4. Very Unfavorable14%5. Unsure15%

  3. Will you vote for or against the Utah Medical Marijuana Initiative that will allow patients with the consultation of their doctor access to medical marijuana to alleviate medical symptoms, including chronic pain, multiple sclerosis, epilepsy, and cancer? Press 1 for yes. Press 2 for no. Press 3 if you are undecided. 1. Yes53%2. No29%3. Undecided18%

  4. If the primary for the 3rd Congressional District were held today, for whom would you vote? Press 1 for Chris Herrod. Press 2 for Tanner Ainge. Press 3 for John Curtis. Press 4 if you are undecided. 1. Chris Herrod16%2. Tanner Ainge6%3. John Curtis23%4. Undecided55%

  5. The father of one of the candidates for Congress was a famous athlete who played for BYU, can you name which candidate that is? Press 1 for Chris Herrod. Press 2 for Tanner Ainge. Press 3 for John Curtis. Press 4 if you are not sure. 1. Chris Herrod1%2. Tanner Ainge64%3. John Curtis2%4. Not Sure33%

  6. Knowing that Danny Ainge, the former BYU basketball star, NBA great and current General Manager for the Boston Celtics, is the father of Tanner Ainge are you more or less likely to vote for him? 1. More Likely12%2. Less Likely21%3. No Difference67%

  7. And the following questions are for demographic purposes only, what general age category are you in? Press 1 if you are under 18 (end call). Press two if you are 18-29. Press three if you are 30-49. Press four if you are 50-64. Press five if you are 65 year and over. 1. Under 180%2. 18-2910%3. 30-4924%4. 50-6431%5. 65+35%

  8. Are you male or female? Press 1 for male. Press 2 for female. 1. Male48%2. Female52%

  9. What is your religious affiliation? Press 1 for Mormon. Press 2 for another religion. Press 3 if you don’t affiliate with any religion. 1. Mormon81%2. Another Religion9%3. Don’t Affiliate with Any10%

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