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Sen. Margarete Dayton, R, District 15, Candidate for Utah’s 3rd congressional seat

Hillary Koellner- “Senator Dayton, could you share with us what made you get involved into politics?”

Margarete Dayton- “My father was in the military so we were always a patriotic family. Later in my life I participated as a delegate and I served in the party and became very involved. in the late 90’s there were more women speaking out and I wanted to support families so for the first time I decided to run for office.”

Hillary Koellner- “Would you say that having your family support during this campaign is necessary?”

Margarete Dayton- “This is an intense political service, there’s no way anyone can have political success without the support of family. I have been blessed to have the complete support of my family. The first time I ran it was a family ran campaign. Now all my children are out of the house and my husband retired so he is available and they are all totally supportive, including extending family. I have seen legislatures serve short terms when their families weren’t on board because it makes it really hard.”

Hillary Koellner- “Do you believe one single man or woman can change the system?”

Margaret Dayton- “I would like to think that a single person can, but only if they join with likeminded people. In the American Revolution, only 15% of the colonies got involved, but somebody needs to start and organize the movement for change.”

Hillary Koellner- “Do you have a teacher in mind that throughout your education, they taught you something that you kept as life lesson?”

Margaret Dayton- “High school, I had a teacher in California, since my father was in the military we moved a lot, and we were there during the hippie movement. This teacher taught American Government and Civics, he had difficult tests, but at the end he would always put an extra credit question that said, “what is the best thing you can do for America” and the answer he wanted was “create a good home.” He explained how these are the stable units of society, but that made a lot of difference and encouraged his students. When he was 86 years old, he sent me a note of congratulations in shaky writing, and I treasure it with all my heart.”

Hilary Koellner- “Can you share a time where you failed at something and what you learned from that experience?”

Margarete Dayton- “My father was in the air force, so we moved a lot, which requires a lot of adjusting. One of the things that was very important was having connections with the kids in school. There were some good friends that I made and as I left I didn’t always stay in touch with them, it was hard to know that my time to invest in friendships, didn’t always last and I didn’t keep in touch, but I later appreciated the impact all of those people made in my life.”

Hillary Koellner- “If you got be queen for a day, although we both know that’s not possible in the United States, what are three things you would do or change?”

Margarete Dayton- “Frist I would make sure everyone had the opportunity to learn and be taught the constitution and understand it. Then I would have everyone realize the value of their participation in society and why we need to appreciate it. Lastly, I would make sure that our borders are protected, and export our form of government to the world.”

Hillary Koellner- “Lastly Senator Dayton, what are some magazines or newspapers that you read, and would you say they affect your view of the world?”

Margaret Dayton- “I read the scriptures a lot, NRA magazines, and historical biographies. My family has been involved in government since the American revolution, and it’s always inspiring to read history and difference they made.”

By Hillary Koellner

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