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Ut State Senator Lincoln Fillmore, District 10

In the middle of a pandemic, running for re-election to the Utah State Senate and working as an accountant for a group of charter schools; Lincoln Fillmore took on the entrepreneurial decision to open a new business, which in his description is, “nothing normal.” This “nothing normal business” will produce one product with the give-away being found in the name, “Nothing Bundt Cakes,” in Taylorsville, Utah – with Senator Fillmore being in the position of the baker.

Clark H. Caras, Western Field Director for Take Bake Our Republic (, interviewed Utah’s newest baker, and re-elected Utah State Senator, recently for and found this namesake of Abraham Lincoln would make America’s 16th president proud.

Clark H. Caras — So you’re leaving the business of bean counting and taking on the counting of Bundt cakes?

Senator Fillmore – Yes, we’ve got the building under construction (Since this interview the business opened at 5338 South Redwood Rd, Taylorsville, Utah.). I’ll be operating the bakery; a bakery is just a business. A small business manufacturing a product. – I take it by the name the unique thing for the customer is it’s not hard to decide on what dessert to pick, because if you walk in you know what you’re getting… Bundt cake.

Senator Fillmore – We have them from bite-sized to tiered. We’ve got 10 different flavors with one even being gluten free. – With everything from Red Velvet to Confetti flavored cakes do you have a favorite.

Senator Fillmore – Nope, I like them all. – Okay, so we started with dessert so let’s move on to a main course. My next question is said to tell a lot about a person – what’s your favorite… a hamburger or a cheeseburger?

Senator Fillmore – Well, that depends on the cheese. If it’s American, then no because it’s nothing but a cheese product. Now, if it’s cheddar or pepper-jack then definitely a cheeseburger. – So as you’re enjoying the Bundt cake or the cheeseburger what might we find Senator Fillmore reading?

Senator Fillmore – I’d spent the summer re-reading the Harry Potter series. Last week when I was in Dallas I picked up Trumpet of the Swan by E.B. White. I read my Book of Mormon every day and I’m someone who enjoys biographies.

I love learning about great leaders and enjoy history. I’m reading one about Ulysses S. Grant. It’s a great book about him being an abolitionist and his not being given the credit his due; because of him we have the 13th, 14th, and 15th, amendments. – Since we’re talking about past presidents let’s talk about you and the president’s name you carry. Was it done on purpose, so you’d end up in politics like you have?

Senator Fillmore – Yes, it’s true. I was named after the president. Honestly, in my family there’s only one who has what you’d call a normal name. And in my entire life I’ve never run into another Lincoln. They didn’t do it so I’d be drawn to politics, they just wanted me to be honest; you know, “Honest Abe”.

Lincoln has intrigued me though and I’ve spent a lot of time reading bio’s about him. How can I not be intrigued by my namesake? I grew up somewhat idolizing the 16th president. – So in 2016 Governor Herbert appointed you to fill a vacancy in District 10’s area. And you just finished a successful run for re-election. You going to be able to juggle a 45-day session with baking all those Bundt cakes you no doubt are going to be selling?

Senator Fillmore – I enjoyed it enough, that yes, I ran again. I enjoy the public service of it. And I’ve liked how so many times we find ourselves having to solve some very thorny problems – and finding solutions to those problems. – As you weigh those thorny problems is there a comfort food you find yourself being drawn to?

Senator Fillmore – Just give me a great chicken noodle soup, where the noodles are made out of flour and egg. Or a nice tomato, but I guess one of my all-time favorites to go to is a fantastic chicken pot pie with a good crust. – In guiding some of the things along politically in Utah you must have an abiding love for the place you’ve made home. Is there a favorite place in the state for you?

Senator Fillmore – We love the canyons. Any and all of them just so long as you can hike there and see the beauty of Utah. We try and go somewhere every weekend. I’m one of those who enjoys life wherever takes me.

Senator Fillmore and his wife Sherl are the parents of two.

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